Sustainable practices
of Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South

We are part of the world
and part of a local community.

It sounds counterproductive but it also totally make sense.

First, we are part of the world so we help the planet by consuming local and keeping an eye out for ways to reduce our consumption and consume smarter. 

But also, we are part of a local community so we support local initiatives and small businesses who wish to make a difference in the world.

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Green engage
by IHG hotels & resorts

The Green Engage system developed by IHG gives all hotels the means to make an impact, by providing over 200 “Green Solutions” to reduce our consumption of energy, water and waste.

There are four levels of certification within IHG Green Engage System and Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South is level 4, meaning we are a leading hotel in the environmental sustainability area, demonstrating innovative approaches to being sustainable.

Hotel for trees

When you agree for us to not clean your room, when you stay for multiple nights, hotel for Trees is planting a tree #lovetheplanet


In order to stay on top of our game, we regularly participate in independent audits and certifications. In 2022, we renewed our Green Globe certification for the 9th time. The audit looked at 44 criteria around the environmental sustainability performance of the hotel.

Some of our other
green actions

We are constantly initiating new ways to consume less, smarter, protect the planet and support local businesses.

From all our F&B outlets, we separate the food waste and we regularly bring it to a nearby farmer to feed their animals

For our toilet paper, we work with The Good Roll, which donates 50% of its net profit to building toilets in Africa and the roll itself is made of 100% European recycled paper, without chlorine, colorants or fragrances.

All year long, our employees collect to support the animals in need.

  • plastic caps are donated to KNGF to help fund guide-dog trainings
  • used blankets and egg boxes are donated to chenils for rabbits and rodents to build a home

In September, as part of an IHG initiative, we always do a lot more! This year we organised clean ups in the area, we motivated our staff to become blood donors, we donated stess balls to a children hospital – check it out on LinkedIn

We buy local as much as we can and we love to collaborate with local businesses. For instance, as part of our welcome amenities for our loyal guest, we have licorice from Amsterdam based Droomdrop, whom we met at the market in front of the hotel and fun Crowne Plaza socks, created in collaboration with Zuidas Personality. shop.