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When you find yourself on the Museum Square, you know you are in Amsterdam South, a vibrant district that represents the artistic heart of the city. It is home to iconic museums, world class music venues, high-end shopping and innovative restaurants.
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Some context
about Amsterdam South

The south of Amsterdam, is composed of the following districts: Oud-Zuid, De Pijp, Zuidas and Zuidoost. It is a fascinating neighborhood, history fuses with contemporary culture. Here you can find some of the biggest cultural attractions of Amsterdam, some of the best shops and culinary spots. Besides the fascinating historical building, the modern area with skyscrapers-Zuidas is also located in this part of Amsterdam.


de Pijp-Amsterdam South-travel-hotel-Crowne Plaza

De Pijp 


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Museum Square

Eat at

Rijks-restaurant-Micheline-Amsterdam South-hotel-Crowne Plaza


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Dignita Vondelpark 

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Visit Rijksmusuem 

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Have a walk through the Museum Quarter 

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Enjoy jazz music in Manhattan bar 

What to do in Amsterdam South

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