Amsterdam Light Festival

On the water or by the dock visit the iconic canals of Amsterdam decorated with 24 light artworks.

“Loading” the 12th edition of The Light Festival, approach Revealing Art, Ai and Tech.

Light Festival

The developments regarding technology and AI are ongoing. Every day, new features and possibilities emerge, but their boundaries and impact remain unknown. One could say we live in a constant state of loading… 

Dutch and international artists were asked to consider the effects of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) on our everyday lives. The ways in which we communicate, engage and create are all impacted by technology and AI. What are the implications? And where will it take us? The different perspectives will be highlighted during the twelfth edition. They explore themes such as our dependence on mobile phones, swarm intelligence, self-learning algorithms and facial recognition. 

An interesting part of this festival is their engagement to education projects. With art workshop student learn about creativity technology and light. You can find the young artists and their beautiful creation on the route. Yasser Ballemans, carry on the project Next Çonnections. Connections have a few meanings such as the connections between the students, with other children in the city, connections needed for technologies and the literal connections that are made by the many bridges in the city. 


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Locations: Amsterdam center

When: 30th November 2023 to 21st  January 2024

Mon-Wed from 5.00-10.00 p.m.

Thu-Sun from 5.00-11.00 p.m.


This year route is 7.5km. An app has been developed to guide you on this light hunting in the capital. You can purchase the map on the application which will guide you. There will be written and audio explanation of the theme, Loading, and the artworks, artists as well as the route.  

The light installations start to shine from the moment the sun goes downAs the artworks are best visible when it is dark. Our favourite way to admire the Light Festival is on a boat, you can get cozy and warm in the blanket while admiring the canals.