Best thing to do in November

The city is slowly starting to shine with the warm light of Christmas. 

This month, Amsterdam culture-event is highlighted by Museum Night. The city will also host renowned and international festivals welcoming all publics.

1. Museum night 

Have you ever wanted to be  your favourite childhood movie star, Ben Stillen in “Night at the museum”?  

Well, on Saturday 4th November you should join Museum Night Amsterdam. From 7.p.m to 2.a.m, 66 museums will participate in this incredible night. The participating places will be lit by bright pink light for you to find your activities. With workshops, music, shows, expositions and much more.  

Throughout the night, explore, experiment, and experience activities and styles you might have never heard before.  

There will be a lot going on in the city, with more than 150 events. You could either focus on one area or pick your favorite and you could use a bike from place to place. For example, visit the various Amsterdam Mansion along the canal, like House Willet-Holthuysen and Museum Van Loon with their private collections. For modern and contemporary enthusiasts, the southeast is where you should be, with OSCAM and Barracks Reigersbos. Let your creativity run. 


Like in your favourite movie you might wake up thinking it wasn’t real. 

Locations: Amsterdam center

When: November 4th 

2. Dutch delicacy

A famous tea snack in the Netherlands is stroopwafel. It is made of a sweet thin dough that tastes like winter by a fire. The tradition is, while your tea is hot you should place the stroopwafel on top of the mug. This way it will warm up and soften the sweet caramel syrup that lies between the waffles. Make your way to the renowned Van Wonderen to try this treat. At the store you can customise your waffle with a variety of topping, and even buy a pack to bring back home.

You might wonder where all those stalls come from. Cold weather rhymes with Ollibollen in the Netherlands. Their lights warm up the street and the powdered sugar fills the air with a sweet smell, symbolising the winter festive season coming up.

3. Culture

International story telling Festival  1-5 

Under the theme of Liberation, the festival gathers storytellers and musicians from all over the world. Bringing inspiration and unique perspective with engaging, meaningful talks. Workshops, music and time to discuss on the oriental carpet with a glass of wine or cup of tea. 

LocationPodium Mozaiek

When: 30th November to 21st January 

International documentary film festival 8-19 

The largest documentary film festival has been held annually in Amsterdam since 1988. The latest film, exhibition, interactive project and workshops will be open to the interest of the general public and professionals. A filmmaker competition will be held, participants will have the chance to meet producers, directors and critics. You will also be able to see performances and of course join the parties.  

Location: Amsterdam

When: 30th November to 21st January 


The Amsterdam Spanish Festival

Film lovers will be able to assist to the projection of premieres in various landmark of the city. You will find the movies at Lab11, Pathe Tushinski, Eye Film Museum and OBA library. For this 50th edition of the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival, female directors and their talents are put forward.

Location: Amsterdam

When: 30th November to 21st January 

art exposition


This event will expose divers form of art from different part of the world. Rai conference center will welcome PAN and its 125 art dealers, gallery owners, traders with both antique and modern painting, jewellery and objects.  

Location: Rai

When: 19th to 26th November

4. Art exposition



UNFAIR 16-19 

UNFAIR Is having their first jubilee celebration. For the occasion they want to showcase artist who have graduated during challenging times, where the feelings of resilience and persistence are put forwards. 

Location: Gashouder

When: 16th to 19th November

4. Light festival

We will tell you a bit more about Amsterdam light festival in an upcoming article! 

What you have to know is that it happens between the 30th of November until the 21st of January 2024. During those two months take the opportunity to see the canal under a new light. 

Location: Amsterdam

When: 30th November 2023 to 21st January 2024

Other events in Amsterdam in November: 

1st to 5th of November – International story telling Festival  

2nd of November – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

5th of November – Museum night

9th November – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

10th of November –  Jazz and Blues FUNDRAISING

16th to 19th of November – UNFAIR

16th of November – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

17th of November – Manhattan Latin night

19th to 26th of November – PAN

24th to 26th of November – The Amsterdam Spanish Festival

30th November to 21st of January – The Light Festival

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