Best thing to do in October

Amsterdam gets a lot of charm and character as the leaves turn brown. A city rich in history, culture, and art, filled with emblematic landmarks. Visiting Amsterdam in October allows you to enjoy the city in a more peaceful setting as the summer crowds have already left. The first weeks of fall grace the city with cool weather, making it perfect to stroll around the charming streets and its attractions.

1. Adrenaline and sportmanship

 The canal, a symbol of Amsterdam. Discovering the city by the water is a pleasing way to get to know the capital. On the 7th of October, more than 140 teams will take part in the annual Canal race, ‘Grachtenrace‘. It can be a nice way to mix with the locals and cheer together! For those who would prefer to have a quieter time, cruises are commonly found by the central train station. The late afternoon is a good time to embark on this adventure, as the city starts to light up. Savor the view with a glass of wine and cheese board while the golden leaves fall on the tranquil water and the warm glow of streetlights dances around you.

Locations: Amsterdam center

When: October 7th 


Whichever you pick, the canal or the avenue will give you a memorable way to connect with the city and its vibrant community.

Marathon amsterdam TCS

Our annual TCS Amsterdam marathon will take place on October 15th. This year, it will support the KWF Dutch Cancer Society. Top athletes from all over the world will participate in this leading international race, which can be compared to the Paris and New York marathons. Along the route there will be smaller events, such as the Mizuno half marathon and kids run. If you forgot your trainers, no worries, a city walk will be organized on the 14th of October. The routes will bring you to the most famous spot of the city, while enjoying the Amsterdam paced of life.

Locations: Olympic stadium 

When: October 14th and 15th

people looking at Rembrandt painting 'De Staalmeesters'' at Rijksmuseum


On a grey day, Amsterdam might be the perfect place for art enthusiasts. Amsterdam holds a rich and diverse art scene that continues to inspire artists. The Rijksmuseum, the most famous and largest museum in the country, houses a collection ranging from the 17th century up to now. It features the famous painting of Rembrandt’s ‘The night watch’ and Vermeer’s ‘The milkmaid’. For a more contemporary and colourful experience that might ignite reflection, visit the MOCO museum. Music also runs through the veins of Dutch people, learn more about electronic and dance music culture at Our House.



Candlelight, imagine seating in a picturesque location lit up by hundreds of candles and a Quartet performing live your favourite band. Candlelight offers regular events with a wide range of genres in charming locations.


2. Celebrate art and diversity

Amsterdam have always been welcoming and a home to many. Art is an important form of expression, it allows us to let our imagination run and express ourselves. This city rich in culture regularly host many events including those two festivals, each show casing their own culture in various form.




The Afrovibes festival will take place not only in Amsterdam but also in Rotterdam and Utrecht, from the 4th to the 15th of October. Under the theme of Liquid traces, which signifies the remembering our past and trying to come to terms with it. There will be performances accompanied by music, dance, plays, expositions, and workshops.

Location: Various location in Amsterdam

When: October 4th to 15th

3. Amsterdam Dance Event

The most upfront and influential gathering for electronic music worldwide. From the 18th to 22nd of October the whole city of Amsterdam is being taken over by DJ’s and their set accompanied by light installation and music lovers. Recently, they have been putting forward a culture programme with workshop, debate and many more for inspiring talent. Visit the Amsterdam Dance Event and its lab and discover your world.

Location: Amsterdam

When: October 18th to 22nd

4. Halloween

The tradition of Halloween isn’t famous here, but a few spooky activities can be done. The Amsterdam Dungeon is worth the visit on this scary weekend. And of course, it is a good excuse for people to dress up and party. The city has a lot of dress up party.

If you are up for a challenge, join the Latin competition at Candance studios. Halloweencup is organising their first edition, the best dressed will win a price. Lucky for you we also have our monthly Latin Thursday at Manhattan lounge bar for some practice.

Location: CanDance Studios, 28 Isolatorweg

When: 10am October 28th 

Other events in Amsterdam in October: 

4th to 6th of October – The Amsterdam Spanish Festival 

4th to 15th of October – The Afrovibe Festival 

5th of October – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

7th of October – Grachtenrace 

12th of October – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

13th of October –  SPECIAL EVENT : Salsa Zuidas presents Manhattan Latin Night.  

14th and 15th of October – Amsterdam Marathon

18th to 22th of October – Amstedam Dance Event 

19th of October – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

26th of October – Live music night in Manhattan Lounge bar. Book your table. 

28th of October – Halloweencup 

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