Best things to do in Amsterdam in August

August is finally here, bringing with it a wave of summer excitement and opportunities to create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re an avid traveler or have chosen to stay with us for a well-deserved getaway, we’re delighted to present our ultimate guide to the best things to do in August. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, cultural discoveries or peaceful relaxation, our destination has something for everyone. 

1. De Parade

Every summer in Amsterdam, a wave of artistic effervescence sweeps through the city with the arrival of De Parade. This not-to-be-missed cultural event takes place from August 18 to September 3 and attracts thousands of visitors eager for artistic discoveries and festive moments. Founded in 1990 by theater enthusiast Terts Brinkhoff, De Parade is a traveling festival that tours the major cities of the Netherlands, providing a platform for artists to express their creativity in a variety of forms. 

De Parade is a true celebration of boldness and artistic originality. Local and international artists come together to showcase their talents in fields such as theater, dance, music, visual arts and many others. Surprising performances captivate audiences, combining tradition and innovation, and transporting spectators into varied and fascinating universes. 


Martin Luther King Park, one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque green spaces, is transformed into a veritable cultural trail during De Parade. Tents, stages and artistic installations blend harmoniously into this green setting, offering visitors a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in which to explore the entire festival. 


 In addition to its artistic performances, De Parade is also renowned for its festive and convivial atmosphere. The festival attracts a cosmopolitan crowd of locals and tourists alike, creating an atmosphere of cross-cultural sharing and exchange. Food stalls offer a delicious selection of international dishes and local specialities, inviting festival-goers to enjoy an open-air meal in a warm atmosphere. The bars and relaxation areas are perfect for cooling off while chatting with new acquaintances.

Locations: Martin Luther Kingpark 

Opening Hours: Friday, August 18 to Sunday, September 


One of the great advantages of Uitmarkt is that most activities are free of charge. This allows a wide audience to access the various performances and exhibitions, making culture and art accessible to all, without financial barriers.  

Locations: All the city   

Opening Hours: Saturday August 26 to Sunday August 27 


Uitmarkt is the festival par excellence where all artistic genres meet. Theater, dance, music, film, literature, visual arts – you name it! Spectators will have the opportunity to attend a myriad of shows and performances on stages scattered all over the city. From open-air concerts to intimate plays, film screenings to author readings, Uitmarkt offers a varied and eclectic program to satisfy everyone’s interests.  

Uitmarkt offers a unique opportunity to meet artists and creators. Many local and international artists take part in informal encounters with the public, allowing visitors to discover what goes on behind the scenes and learn more about their creative process. It’s the perfect opportunity to chat with the artists, ask questions about their work and share convivial moments around a common passion for culture.  

The heart of Uitmarkt beats in downtown Amsterdam, around Leidseplein and Museumplein. These emblematic locations are transformed into a veritable open-air festival, vibrant with cultural activities. The streets are alive with street performances, local artisan stalls and culinary tastings, creating a festive, convivial atmosphere that invites visitors to explore and lose themselves in the world of culture. 

3. Sunsets – open airs screenings

Amsterdam Eye Filmmuseum – Open-air sunset screenings  

On balmy summer evenings, the atmosphere in Amsterdam takes on an extra touch of magic with the Eye Filmmuseum’s outdoor sunset screenings. Located on the banks of the River IJ, the Eye Filmmuseum offers a picturesque setting for these open-air cinema sessions, which perfectly combine the pleasures of the seventh art with breathtaking sunsets. 

The Eye Filmmuseum features a selection of iconic and classic films, chosen to captivate cinephiles and offer a moment of nostalgia to lovers of the silver screen. From masterpieces of world cinema to film noir classics and poignant dramas, each screening offers a unique and memorable cinematic experience. 

The outdoor cinema experience at the Eye Filmmuseum is exceptional, as screenings take place on a large screen placed outside, facing the water. You can relax comfortably in deckchairs or lie back on a blanket, watching the sun set over the IJ as you wait for the film to begin.  

The Eye Filmmuseum site is an attraction in itself. Housed in a modern, iconic building, it offers a breathtaking view of the IJ and Amsterdam harbor. Before the film begins, you can stroll around the grounds, enjoy a drink on the terrace or explore the permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of cinema. 

Locations: IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam  

Opening Hours: August 23 to August 27 

The festival also offers special evenings and exclusive events that add an extra touch of magic to the musical experience. Gala evenings, intimate chamber music sessions and open-air concerts under the stars are all opportunities to discover classical music in unique and memorable contexts.  

Locations: Keizersgracht 672, 1017 ET Amsterdam  

Opening Hours: from Friday August 11 to Sunday August 30

4. Grachtenfestival

Summer in Amsterdam comes alive with an explosion of classical music and exceptional concerts at the Grachtenfestival. From August 11 to 20, this not-to-be-missed musical event transforms the city’s picturesque canals into a lively cultural scene, attracting music lovers from all over the world.  

The Grachtenfestival features a series of unique concerts on Amsterdam’s iconic canals. Specially outfitted boats transform into floating stages, cruising along the picturesque canals, offering spectators an unforgettable musical experience. Whether on land or on water, each concert is imbued with the romantic and enchanting atmosphere of Amsterdam’s canals.  

In addition to concerts on the canals, the Grachtenfestival also takes over the city’s iconic venues, including historic churches, museums, public squares and theaters. Each venue offers its own unique acoustics and ambience, creating an immersive musical experience in exceptional cultural settings. 

5. Jazz Night

Every Thursday evening, Amsterdam’s vibrant atmosphere is lulled by the haunting sound of jazz at Manhattan Lounge Bar. This weekly event is a celebration of jazz music, attracting jazz fans, music lovers and night owls looking for a memorable musical evening.  

Every Thursday evening, Manhattan Lounge Bar presents talented jazz artists performing live. Local musicians, renowned jazz bands and emerging artists take to the stage to deliver captivating performances. Improvisation, solos and audience interaction create a lively, authentic musical experience.  

Thursday jazz nights at Manhattan Lounge Bar offer a variety of jazz styles. From traditional jazz classics to contemporary jazz rhythms, each evening offers a varied repertoire to suit all musical tastes. Whether you’re a jazz connoisseur or simply curious to discover this spellbinding music, you’ll find something to suit you at these jazz evenings.  

jazz night-live music-Manhattan bar-Amsterdam-hotel-Crowne Plaza

In addition to the enchanting music, the Manhattan Lounge Bar offers a refined cocktail menu and assorted drinks. You can sip a handcrafted cocktail or a drink of your choice while soaking up the bar’s warm, relaxed ambience. Lively conversation and musical encounters are an integral part of this unique jazz experience. 

Another popular feature of Thursday jazz nights at Manhattan Lounge Bar is free admission. This allows jazz lovers to enjoy live music at no extra cost, making this musical evening accessible to all. 

Locations: George Gershwinlaan 101, 1082 MT Amsterdam 

Opening Hours: Every Thursday at 18:00 

The Xtracold event isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about feeding your curiosity. Discover the fascinating history of ice and its uses through the ages. What’s more, immerse yourself in interactive workshops where you can learn how to carve ice yourself or prepare frosty cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds.

Get ready to enter a frosty world where art and magic meet, where winter is eternal and every moment is an unforgettable sensory adventure. Xtracold awaits you for an experience that will stay with you long after the ice has melted.

Locations: Amstel 194, 196, 1017 AG Amsterdam

Opening Hours: Every days 11:45am-1:00am

6. Xtracold

Amsterdam, a city brimming with fascinating experiences, never ceases to surprise visitors with its unique offerings. Among these hidden gems is the extraordinary Xtracold event, an adventure that takes you beyond the boundaries of reality into a truly frosty universe.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the Xtracold event transports you to an enchanted realm where ice is the star. Marvel at the creativity and artistry behind the ice sculptures that adorn every corner of the space. Detailed works of art come to life under the subdued light, reflecting the magic of this ephemeral world.

But Xtracold isn’t just about admiring frozen works of art. It’s an immersive experience that invites you to feel the cold of winter like never before. Put on warm coats and gloves, and get ready for an adventure that challenges your senses. With every step, the ground beneath your feet creaks slightly, and every breath becomes an icy mist. It’s a journey into the heart of the winter season, an experience that leaves you amazed and astonished by the infinite possibilities of ice.

7. TonTonClub

When you think of Amsterdam, picturesque canals and iconic museums immediately spring to mind. However, this cosmopolitan city also hides lesser-known gems, places where fun and nostalgia meet. One of these unexpected discoveries is the TonTon Club, a veritable paradise for gamers.

Located in the heart of the city, the TonTon Club is much more than just a playground. It’s a tribute to the days when pinball machines resonated, coins fell into arcade machines and laughter erupted in arcades. As you enter this eclectic space, you’re instantly transported to a bygone era when games were simple, but the fun was immeasurable.

Inside, you’ll discover an eclectic mix of games, from nostalgic classics to modern experiences. The distinctive sounds of retro pinball machines and slot machines welcome you, while vintage arcade games wait to be rediscovered. Impromptu competitions erupt, with competitors of all ages battling it out in virtual duels or frenzied games.

The TonTon Club isn’t just for arcade gamers. It also offers a variety of board games, providing a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to share unforgettable moments with friends and family. You can immerse yourself in fantastic worlds, solve puzzles or even face strategic challenges.

What makes the TonTon Club even more special is the atmosphere. The atmosphere is electric, with subdued lighting, retro decor and constant effervescence. The place exudes energy and joy, reminding everyone that games aren’t just for kids, but also for those who have kept their playful soul.

Locations: Polonceaukade 27, 1014 DA Amsterdam

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 4pm-1am; Friday 4pm-3am; Saturday 1pm-3a; Sunday 1pm-12am

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