Discover the hidden secrets and alternative district of Amsterdam-Oost

Welcome to the enchanting district of Amsterdam-Oost, a realm brimming with undiscovered wonders and offbeat charms. While the bustling heart of Amsterdam draws countless visitors, there’s a hidden world waiting to be explored just beyond its well-trodden streets. In this blog, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey, delving into the lesser-known corners of this vibrant city. 

Day 2: Discover the hidden secrets and alternative district of Amsterdam-Oost / Explore Amsterdam's neighborhoods and little-known gems


As the first rays of dawn grace the skies over Amsterdam-Oost, let the spirit of adventure lead you to a truly unique experience. Your day of exploration begins with a visit to Electric Ladyland, an awe-inspiring museum that defies expectations and redefines art and science.

Visit Electric Ladyland, the museum of fluorescence. Prepare to be amazed by the vibrant colors and lights that fill this unique venue. Explore the interactive exhibits where you can discover the secrets of fluorescence and experience the amazing light effects. Try on special goggles that amplify fluorescent colors and take incredible photos to capture these magical moments.

Here, everyday objects transform into sources of enchantment as they react to the properties of fluorescence. Picture yourself standing before an exhibit where mundane items come to life under the play of ultraviolet light. To heighten your experience, slip on a pair of special goggles that reveal the hidden fluorescent hues, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Tip: Attend an interactive demonstration to learn more about the luminous properties of minerals and everyday objects. 


  • Tip: As the afternoon sun casts a warm glow, take a leisurely break at one of the idyllic canal-side cafés. Savor a cup of traditional Dutch coffee, accompanied by a stroopwafel – a delectable local pastry that’s the perfect accompaniment to a moment of tranquility. Stay tuned as the day progresses, promising more hidden gems and unforgettable experiences in the mysterious district of Amsterdam-Oost.


Having embarked on a luminous morning adventure, it’s time to continue your journey into the heart of Amsterdam-Oost. Your next destination: Singel 7, an unassuming address that harbors a captivating secret.

As you approach Singel 7, you’ll find yourself standing before one of Amsterdam’s architectural marvels – the narrowest house in the city. This architectural gem is a true testament to ingenuity, as it stands proudly despite its diminutive width. Standing before this enchanting structure, you’ll be transported to an era when space was a precious commodity, and creativity knew no bounds.

Capture the moment with a photograph, but don’t stop there. Let your imagination run wild as you ponder the daily lives of the individuals who once called this slender dwelling home. As you stroll along the neighboring canals, be sure to drink in the iconic Amsterdam architecture that lines the waterside, with its charming facades and unique character.


As the sun begins its descent and the evening unfolds its velvet curtain, your day’s adventure culminates in the warm embrace of history and nostalgia at Café De Dokter.

Step into this time-honored brown café, nestled within the walls of a former pharmacy. The wood-panelled interior exudes an aura of authenticity, transporting you back to an era where conversations flowed freely and time seemed to stand still. The atmosphere is as much a part of the experience as the libations themselves.

Peruse the curated selection of beers, wines, and spirits, each a testament to the heritage of this establishment. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply looking to savor a drink in a remarkable setting, Café De Dokter offers a journey through the senses and the past.

Tip: Engage in conversation with the knowledgeable café staff, who are more than happy to share anecdotes from the establishment’s storied history and introduce you to unique local beverages that will truly delight your palate

Extra evening

As the sun begins its descent and the vibrant Amsterdam-Oost night comes alive, get ready to immerse yourself in an evening of excitement and mystery at the Puzzle Master Escape Room.

Gather your friends or fellow travelers and venture into a world of mind-bending puzzles, cryptic clues, and heart-pounding challenges. This escape room experience is not just a game – it’s a chance to step into a different reality, where your wit and teamwork are put to the ultimate test.

Upon entering the themed room, you’ll be transported to a thrilling scenario that requires your sharp problem-solving skills and creativity to unravel. Work together to crack codes, decipher riddles, and unlock hidden compartments as you inch closer to solving the mystery that stands between you and your escape.

The clock will tick away as you navigate the intricacies of the room, feeling the rush of adrenaline and the satisfaction of each breakthrough. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a newcomer to the escape room scene, this adventure promises an unforgettable evening of laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories.

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