The best brunch outside in Amsterdam

Step into a world of deliciousness with our guide to the best brunches in Amsterdam. Whether you’re a lover of sweet or savory dishes, this bustling city has plenty of options to satisfy every taste bud. From modern establishments to traditional cafes, we’ve unearthed the most appetizing spots where you can enjoy mouth-watering and tasty food. Prepare to succumb to perfectly cooked poached eggs, fluffy pancakes, filling avocados and delicious artisanal pastries. Whether you’re a local looking for a new place to eat or a visitor looking for the ultimate brunch experience, follow our guide to discover the culinary treasures that await you on the bustling streets of Amsterdam. 


Cafe de Ceuvel

The brunch at Cafe de Ceuvel offers fresh and healthy dishes, prepared with local and organic ingredients. You can enjoy delicious vegetarian and vegan options, accompanied by freshly squeezed juices and quality coffee. The relaxed atmosphere and eco-friendly environment make this place an ideal choice for a relaxing and conscious brunch. 

Location: Korte Papaverweg 4, 1032 KB Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 12pm-23pm, Friday – Sunday: 12pm-00am

Cofee Cuvel-Amsterdam-Noord-best-brunch-2023-Corwne plaza amsterdam south

Picture by  Nick Klerk



If you’re looking for an original and artistic brunch up north, don’t miss Bunk. This versatile space combines a café, restaurant, art gallery and event space, offering a unique brunch experience. The menu features a variety of mouthwatering options, from classics to modern creations. Whether you opt for perfectly poached eggs Benedict, crispy waffles or colorful smoothie bowls, you’ll be delighted. Plus, you can check out the ongoing art exhibits and enjoy the creative atmosphere of this forward-thinking place. 

Location: Hagedoornplein 2, 1031 BV Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 7.30am-11.30pm 



Staring at Jacob

Nestled in the trendy West End neighborhood, Staring at Jacob is a true gem for brunch lovers. This establishment offers a unique fusion of Mediterranean and American flavors, creating bold and flavorful dishes. From spicy shakshuka to fluffy pancakes, every bite is an explosion of exquisite taste. The restaurant’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with excellent service, makes your brunch experience even more enjoyable. Don’t forget to try their delicious cocktails to complement your meal.

Location: Jacob Van Lennepkade 215, 1054 ZP Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm 

Staring at Jacob - West Amsterdam- top10-Amsterdam west-2023
cafe nassau-best-brunch-2023-Amsterdam-top10-2023-Crowne plaza amsterdam south

Cafe Nassau

If you’re looking for a delicious and friendly brunch in West, look no further than Café Nassau. This charming café offers a relaxed atmosphere and tasty food. Their brunch menu features a variety of mouthwatering dishes, from toast with homemade jams to hearty plates with options for every taste. You can accompany your meal with a delicious coffee or a special cocktail. Café Nassau’s welcoming atmosphere and excellent service make it a great place to spend a pleasant brunch moment. Sit inside in comfort or soak up the sun on their terrace and enjoy a delicious brunch in a relaxed atmosphere.

Location: De Wittenkade 105A, 1052 AG Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday: 12pm-00am, Wednesday – Thursday: 12pm-00am, Friday: 12pm-01am, Saturday: 11am-01am, Sunday: 11am-00am



Nestled in the heart of downtown, Gartine is a true gem offering a refined brunch in a charming setting. This cozy restaurant is known for its cuisine prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients and delicious homemade jams. Their brunch menu offers a variety of gourmet dishes, from savory toast to fresh salads and delicately prepared egg dishes. You’ll be delighted by the attention to detail and artistic presentation of the dishes. Be sure to make a reservation, as this place is often very popular.

Location: Taksteeg 7, 1012 PB Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday: 9:30am-17pm, Saturday – Sunday: 9:30am-16pm

Gartine best brunch amsterdam centruum- best brunch-2023-top10
Dignita Hoftuin - Amsterdam centruum-best brunch-2023-top10-Crowne plaza amsterdam south

Dignita Hoftuin

Located in a beautiful hidden garden in central Amsterdam, Dignita Hoftuin offers a unique brunch experience in a picturesque setting. Their menu features creative and healthy dishes, highlighting local and organic ingredients. Whether you opt for colorful bowls, fluffy pancakes or gluten-free options, every bite is a treat for the taste buds. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the garden while enjoying your brunch, and let yourself be transported by this taste experience in the heart of the city.

Location: Nieuwe Herengracht 18a, 1018 DP Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday: 9am-6pm



If you’re looking for a vibrant, casual brunch in Oost, Benjis is the place to be. This trendy cafe has a creative menu featuring healthy and delicious options. From nutritious smoothie bowls to avocado-burrata toast to homemade waffles, every dish is made with fresh, quality ingredients. You can also enjoy their delicious beverages, like specialty coffees and cold-pressed juices. Benjis’ casual atmosphere and colorful decor make it a must for brunch with friends. 

Location: Wibautstraat 196, 1091 GS Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am-16pm

Benjis brunch Amsterdam oost-best brunch 2023-top10-crowne plaza amsterdam south
Anne&Max Amsterdam oost - best brunch 2023-top10-crowne plaza amsterdam south


Located in the lively Oost neighborhood, Anne and Max is a cozy café offering a friendly, gourmet brunch. Their menu offers a variety of tempting options, from cheese and charcuterie plates to generously sized sandwiches and hearty bowls. Each dish is prepared with care and features fresh, quality ingredients. Enjoy the warm atmosphere and excellent service of this cozy café for a tasty and relaxing brunch. 

Location: Oostelijke Handelskade 1001, 1019 BW Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 17pm, Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 17pm


Dignita Vondelpark

Located near the famous Vondelpark, Dignita Vondelpark offers quality brunch in an elegant and refined setting. Their menu offers a variety of delicious dishes, from poached eggs to gourmet sandwiches to hearty bowls. The ingredients used are carefully selected and sustainably sourced. Enjoy the chic and relaxing atmosphere of this café while enjoying an exquisite brunch after a walk in the park. 

Location: Koninginneweg 218, 1075 EL Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 8h30 am-17 pm

Dignita Vondelpark Amsterdam Zuid- best brunch 2023-top 10- crowne plaza amsterdam south

Moods cofee and Brunch

If you’re looking for a modern and trendy brunch in Zuid, Moods Coffee and Brunch is a must. This trendy cafe offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes, from revisited classics to original creations. From hearty plates to artistic presentations, each dish is prepared with attention to detail. You can also enjoy drink specials, such as specialty coffees and brunch cocktails. The lively atmosphere and modern ambiance of Moods make it a popular spot for brunch lovers looking for a unique dining experience. 

Location: Cornelis Schuytstraat 57, 1071 JG Amsterdam 

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 7am-8pm, Saturday – Sunday: 8am-6pm 


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