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Once you passed the last limit of the Jordaan, you arrive in the area called Amsterdam West, with the gorgeous Westerpark, multi-cultural residential areas and culinary gems.

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Some context
about Amsterdam West

The west of Amsterdam, is composed of the following districts: Oud-West, De Baarsjes, Westerpark and Bos & Lommer. In Amsterdam-West, quiet, attractive residential areas alternate with busy, pleasant shopping streets. 
For a long time it was seen as a more popular area, it gained in attractivity in the past years and is now definitely a great addition to your to-do-list when visiting the city.


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Westergas fabriek


The last windmill of Amsterdam West: De Otter

Eat at

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Midtown Grill-restaurant-Amsterdam West-hotel-Crowne Plaza

Midtown Grill

Cafe Cook


Play arcade games at TonTon Club

Barbecue at Rembrandtpark

Have a drink in an old radio broadcasting tower

What to do in Amsterdam West

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