Visiting Little Thai Prince with Crowne Plaza colleagues

We love discovering new and trendy places in the city of Amsterdam. So we have invited our colleagues Roan and Wendy to visit Little Thai Prince in Amsterdam Center and this is their review of the restaurant. 

As colleagues you create a special bond and since Wendy will soon be leaving back to Vietnam, we wanted to go out and dine in a restaurant which we’ve both never visited. We both like Asian cuisine and wanted to try out Little Thai Prince which is located at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam centrum.

We’ve made the reservation for 7 p.m. and arrived at the restaurant. The Zeedijk street was crowded and lit up by the Christmas decorations, which made the ambiance quite nice and cozy before entering the restaurant.

As the restaurant was small, there was still many staff working. 2 chefs, 3 waiters and 2 ‘head’ waiters. We got the feeling it was a family business since all the employees were from Thailand.

Little Thai Prince-restaurant-Amsterdam-Center-hotel-Crowne Plaza

As starters we’ve ordered a variety of snacks which included a fishcake, spring rolls and teriyaki chicken.

Also, we’ve ordered 2 soups, one was a tom kha kai soup which is a typical Thai soup and it contains mushrooms, chicken and coconut milk!

And the second soup was the spicy fish soup with vegetables which almost blew Wendy off of her chair. 

For main courses we wanted to go all out and each ordered 1 big dish. The fried noodles with beef, shrimp and one seafood. As we thought we couldn’t eat everything and the staff was so sweet to offer us doggy bags to take home.

One thing which was a bit disappointing was the salad. It had no flavor at all and was just drizzled in olive oil with mixed seafood…

During our ‘stay’ at the restaurant, the waiters kept asking us if the food was good and if we needed something else, drinks or extra spicy sauces.

There were no cocktails available and we didn’t feel like drinking beer, but the option of the typical tiger beer was nice to see on the menu!

 There were no desserts on the menu but that didn’t matter since we were so full of all the delicious food we’ve had! The waiter offered us to take a doggy bag which was much needed and thankfully we got the enjoy the leftover food at home the next day.

We would definitely recommend Little Thai prince to my friends and family and show them the pictures we made during the dinner which will convince them to join!!

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