Dare to Connect

Our Housekeeping Manager Helma has recently celebrated her five-year anniversary of working at IHG. In this article we will explore 3 projects that mattered to her and why she likes working in our hotel.  

Project 1: New uniform

In July 2022 our staff uniform was changed since the previous one was outdated.  Finding the perfect uniform was quite a challenge for me. I had to select something which suits everybody and people are happy with. Uniform should be worn with pride and warm smile and we have succeeded in that!  

« Our uniform is comfortable and the length suits perfectly for me. The color is nice and I also like the little patches on the shoulders. I am definitely proud to wear it »- says Eva from Reservations  

Project 2: Bathroom amenities

In order to reduce plastic waste, we decided to change our small bathroom amenities for a larger packaging. I had to choose something which not only looks and smells nice, but is also environmentally friendly. Our company cares a lot about the future of the planet and therefore everything that we do should be sustainability oriented. For that reason Antipodes bulk bathroom amenities were chosen for the standard rooms and Rituals bulk bathroom amenities for Club rooms and Suites. We received a lot of really good feedbacks from our guests and we don’t need to throw away so much plastic bottles anymore!

Project 3: COVID times

During the period of COVID  taking care of the safety of our guests was a priority for us. As a result we had only a few guests in the hotel and a lot of staff without anything to do. We decided to bring people from all departments together for one important task: washing, cleaning  and preparing everything in the rooms to make sure we can fully open again, as soon as allowed. In those times, you could create a valuable personal connection with colleagues you usually never work with. I was really impressed with the great team spirit emerging from all our hard work. I will always remember those happy, meaningful connections! 

Most favorite things about working in Crowne Plaza

What I like the most about my work in this hotel is the support from the IHG brand. It provides guidance based on which we can operate. Our owners also care a lot about the company and strive to maintain the hotel at the highest condition. I feel a lot of support from them. Along with following the brand standards, we also have enough freedom to make our own choices and follow our instinct. It’s the perfect balance.

I am also glad to be working in such a wonderful big team. All employees at Crowne Plaza are striving to provide impeccable service and contribute to the high performance of the company. 

There are a lot of opportunities for learning and development for everyone. If you are hard-working, willing to gain new knowledge and skills, you can build up your career easily and stay in the company for a long time. 

Working at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South

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