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Our senior chef de partie Yin has just helped to organise the Songkran event in our Happyhappyjoyjoy restaurant. We interviewed her about her jobs and experience with the event.  

Can you tell us what are your responsibilities in the kitchen?

Currently, I work as Senior Chef de partie. Our head chef is also training me to become a sous chef.

My current responsibilities include creating a roster for the kitchen team and ordering food and products for the kitchen from our suppliers every week.  I am also preparing menus for the banqueting every week,  overviewing the team in daily operations and cooking of course. 

What was your responsibility around Songkran?

For Songkran, which is also known as Thai New Year, me and another chef Amy, we came up with the concept of the whole celebration, in terms of design and colours we should use, how the staff should be dressed to present the culture in proper way.  We were working both in operations and also designed the menu with our head chef Jelmer. 

The shirts we used, everyone wears something like that for Songkran in Thailand and neighbouring countries. Me and Amy also educated our coworkers on what we should do and do not do during this holiday. This holiday is special for the people of Thailand. So we wanted to make sure that everything goes according to the traditions and culture standards. 

Why was this event important for you?

I come originally from Burma, which is a country located next to Thailand. We also celebrate our New Year there and call it the Myanmar Water Festival. So this is also the New Year for me.

I was missing home and when we were doing Songkran here it was very exciting for me. I had a great opportunity to celebrate the New Year here. Together with my colleague Amy, who is from Thailand, we made our traditional comfort food for the festival, one we enjoy and one that my mum and auntie used to cook. The water fight was really fun for me. 

Did you like the event and why?

Yeah, I loved it. It’s everything about this festival is refreshing and amazing. Everyone who grew up with this culture is always looking forward to this special day. In my country, we have a really long holiday for this. Every office is closed for about 10 days and you can really enjoy this festival. There is free food, music and lots of water fights everywhere,  all the time during the celebration. Everyone is having fun with each other, there are no strangers. There is always a lot of positive energy around. 

Also during our event, once the water touched my body I felt like I was back home. I felt like I was the same person as a couple of years ago. We believe that with new year water, you can get rid of the old energy and come to the new year with new energy and a new version of us. It was a great opportunity for me and felt at home again with the team here. 

What are three reasons to work in Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South in the kitchen department?

Firstly, there is a lot of room for growth, you can just show your talent and commitment and the opportunities are very promising. 

You also have a safe work environment, which is highly important. Every time I have a problem, the team is always there to help me.

The third reason is that we have a really good and strong team. We have each other’s backs and help each other. I think the team is also helping you to grow and develop in so many ways.

In general, Crowne Plaza is a great place if you are looking for a career opportunity, not just a job. For us the kitchen is where you can really grow, you just really need to show yourself.

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