5 reasons to work at Crowne Plaza

At Crowne Plaza AmsterdamSouth Hotel, we welcome a diverse and multicultural team. Working in the hospitality industry offers a multitude of exciting and rewarding opportunities. Such an environment will allow you to experience new cultures, share experiences and learn from each other. This diversity creates a dynamic and rewarding atmosphere where you can broaden your horizons and develop valuable cross-cultural skills.  

1. I feel valued in my work

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, we place great importance on valuing our employees. We understand that feeling appreciated in one’s work is essential to a fulfilling professional experience. That’s why we strive to create an environment where every member of our team feels valued and recognized for his or her contribution.   

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be warmly welcomed by a dedicated team who recognizes and appreciates your expertise, ideas and efforts. We firmly believe in recognizing a job well done and celebrating individual and collective success. You’ll quickly realize that your contribution is essential to our shared success.  

We are proud to create a culture of appreciation and recognition, where every member of our team feels listened to and respected. Your ideas and suggestions will be valued and taken into account when decisions are made. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in stimulating projects and take on new challenges, which will further your professional development.

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, we invest in the development of our employees. We offer training and development opportunities to broaden your skills and achieve your career goals. You’ll be encouraged to take on additional responsibilities and grow in your role. We believe in your potential, and we’ll support you every step of the way.  

We’re convinced that feeling valued at work contributes to increased productivity and satisfaction. By offering you an environment where you feel truly valued and respected, we create a united and motivated team that gives its best every day. Join us and become part of a team where your talent will be recognized, and your voice will be heard. 

EXAMPLES: Employees feel rewarded for their work because We share successes internally, for example good reviews from guests or when something interesting happens at the hotel. We share “amsterdammetjes” when you’ve done a good job (money) that you can spend on yourself or give to charity. In the sales team, we strive for success and applaud each other when we have good news. 

TESTIMONIAL Anais Event MANAGER: ”I feel valued in my work because my colleagues go out of their way to help me with my projects even though they are already SUPER busy with their own work. Even if this is just a like on a speakap post.” 


TESTIMONIAL Lea intern in the Sales & Marketing team: ”For me, it’s very important criterion when I do my internships to have this feeling of belonging, but beyond that to be a big family and to feel supported. On my first day, I went to every department where the employees made me feel very welcome, and everyone came to introduce themselves with a smile, making you feel like part of a family from day one. During my interview I made it clear that it’s important for me to feel good and to have a good relationship with my colleagues. I’m not above it and I’m very happy in my job and in the Crowne-Plaza Amsterdam-South team.”

2. A family feeling

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, we firmly believe in building a united and supportive team, where everyone feels like a member of the family. We understand that work isn’t just about getting the job done, but also about human relationships and mutual support.  

When you join our team, you’ll quickly discover that we’re more than just a place to work – we’re a family. We value team spirit, collaboration and conviviality. Every member of our team is important and contributes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  

We encourage exchanges and positive interactions between colleagues, because we believe this strengthens bonds and creates a pleasant working environment. You’ll be surrounded by caring, empathetic people, ready to support you and help you succeed. We encourage moments of sharing, whether over a convivial meal or during fun team activities. 

As a family, we support each other through the good times and the challenges. You’ll have the opportunity to work with passionate, experienced professionals who are here to share their knowledge and expertise. You’ll also benefit from the support of our management, who care about your well-being and development. 

Joining our team means becoming part of a family where you’ll be supported, listened to and encouraged to give your best. We believe that this family atmosphere creates a positive working environment that fosters the well-being and success of each individual. Join us and discover the importance of a feeling of belonging to a united and caring team. 

3. We share the same values and I have time and means to impact the community/the planet

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, we are proud of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We believe in making a positive difference in our community and on the planet. As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved and contribute to initiatives that have a real impact. 

We recognize the urgency of environmental issues and strive to adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. From waste management to reducing our carbon footprint, we are committed to protecting our environment. By working with us, you’ll be part of these efforts and helping to make our hotel more environmentally friendly. 

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to give meaning to your work by having a positive impact on the community and the planet. You’ll be supported in your initiatives and have access to resources and means to carry out your projects. We believe that everyone can make a difference, and we offer you the platform to do so. 

You’ll have the time and the means to make a real difference in our community and on the planet. Join our team and together, we’ll make a difference for a better future. 

TESTIMONIAL A kitchen Employee: “There are multiple opportunities shared with us where you’re able to participate or help in community or environmental involvement whether it’s green team, donating blood or food items etc. Plus information is provided and available to us as well, so you have the choice to participate in whatever you choose to.” 

TESTIMONIAL Tamara Reservations Agent: When your superiors encourage you to get home on time and not stay too long. By offering you the use of the gym. By checking in with you to see how you’re doing, what the workload is like, how the team can help, etc. 


4. A real Work/life balance

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, we understand the importance of finding a healthy balance between your work and personal life. We believe that a fulfilled employee is a productive and happy employee. That’s why we strive to create a work environment that fosters a true work-life balance.  

We understand that there’s more to life than work. We encourage our employees to take care of themselves, spend time with family and friends, pursue their passions and enjoy the things that bring them joy outside of work. As a member of our team, you’ll benefit from flexible policies that allow you to organize your time to suit your personal needs. 

We also value your health and well-being. We offer benefits such as fitness programs, relaxation areas and wellness activities to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle. We believe that when you’re in balance, you’re more productive and fulfilled in your work. 

When you join our team, you’ll discover that a true work-life balance is possible. You’ll be able to devote time to your loved ones, hobbies and personal interests, while developing a fulfilling career. Join us and discover a working environment where you can truly live your life to the full, both professionally and personally. 

5. My favorite benefit: Many discount

As an employee of the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South, you are part of IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), one of the world’s leading hotel companies. In addition to the many advantages of working at this exceptional hotel, you also have the chance to enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. One of the most compelling reasons to join Crowne Plaza and IHG is the opportunity to enjoy discounts at the hotel’s restaurants and bars, including the newly opened De Japanner Zuid and Manhattan Bar. What’s more, you’ll have access to a myriad of IHG Employee Discounts worldwide. Discover how these benefits can enrich your experience and add a touch of fun to your working life. 

  • De Japanner Zuid – A Gastronomic Adventure : As a Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South employee, you are entitled to an exclusive discount at De Japanner Zuid, where the essence of Japanese cuisine comes alive in every dish. With our special offer, you can savor the authenticity of Japanese cuisine while enjoying significant savings. Gather your colleagues for a lunchtime escape or unwind after work with a delectable dinner in our inviting ambiance. 
  • Bar Manhattan relaxing after work : After a busy day, relax in the hotel’s Manhattan Bar. As an employee, you benefit from a special discount on drinks and cocktails, making it the ideal place to spend pleasant moments with colleagues or meet new people. Enjoy the elegant, relaxed ambience of this bar, sample refined drinks and let yourself be carried away by the captivating atmosphere. With this discount, you can treat yourself to a relaxing evening without breaking the bank. 
  • IHG Employee Discounts worldwide Explore new horizons: As a Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South employee, you also have access to a wide range of IHG Employee Discounts at IHG Group hotels around the world. Whether you want to go on vacation, discover new destinations or simply enjoy a weekend getaway, these discounts let you save on your stays abroad. Explore exciting cities, discover new cultures and create unforgettable memories, all at special rates reserved for IHG employees. 


Tobby Sales Manager  : IHG Employee Discounts worldwide 

Tamara Reservation Agent: Discounts at De Japanner Zuid!!! After you experience it, you can encourage others to try it whether it’s guests or friends. 

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