From Rookie to Hospitality Champion: Onboarding at Crowne Plaza

What happens when you are "on board"?

Two months back in time, Shuai was once a new intern in the marketing department. Now, having completed all his onboarding steps, he is confidently on his way of becoming a hospitality champion! What does Crowne Plaza do to give every employee a “Room to Belong”? Discover our unique and comprehensive onboarding process for newcomers. 

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South, we understand that a well-structured onboarding journey is crucial for new employees to feel welcomed, informed, and prepared to excel in their roles. Our onboarding program is meticulously designed to immerse new team members in our culture – guide them in finding their “Room to Belong”. Elements such as hotel operation, company values, and benefits are all embedded in the process, to ensure they feel a strong sense of belonging and are equipped to deliver exceptional guest experiences. 

(A big prize awaits when all onboarding activities are completed!) 


Your first day begins with an orientation session in the HR office. Here, you’ll be introduced to the heartbeat of Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South—our people and our culture. The friendly HR team will provide you with an onboarding stamp card, marking the beginning of an exciting journey through various departments of the hotel. During this session, you will also be introduced your employee benefits, and the basis of hotel operation. 

Check out the work culture in Crowne Plaza!

Guest Loyalty Matters

One of the first key steps is meeting our IHG One Rewards Champions, Robert or Anette, from the front office. Their expertise and enthusiasm for the rewards program is incredible, and they will share valuable insights on how this program enhances guest experiences, ensuring you understand the significance of your role in promoting guest loyalty. 

As an employee, you are also able to participate in this program. Imaging staying at IHG hotels worldwide with your exclusive employee rate and earn points at the same time… How amazing!

See all the benefits of becoming an IHG member: IHG One Rewards Program

Being an employee does not stop you from earning points! Stay at IHG hotels and Enjoy exclusive benefits
Our Amazing Maintenance Team

Work Safely

Safety being paramount, you will soon be escorted by Nandor on an engaging Fire Life Safety tour. This tour is not just about ticking a box; it’s a fascinating look into the behind-the-scenes efforts that keep our guests and staff safe every day. We can’t reveal more here, get onto this journey and explore yourself! You’ll feel a deep sense of responsibility and pride as you learn about the Fire & Life safety protocols in place. 


Building Bridges

In Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, we emphasize a lot about connections, which also exists across departments. The onboarding journey also includes various cross-training sessions – personalized to your role – allowing you to gain insights into different departments. Imagine spending a day with the lively reception team, or a lovely night in the cosy Manhattan Lounge Bar. This holistic approach not only broadens your understanding of hotel operations but also underscores the interconnectedness of each team’s efforts. 

In Crowne Plaza, we always encourage connections, see the stories of our colleages: Roan, Robert, Sebastien… and more

Cross-training offers you insignts into all departments
Learn From Petra: "Dare to Connect" and "Room to Grow"

Empowering Growth

A particularly inspiring moment in your onboarding will be attending the “Dare to Connect / Room to Grow” session led by Petra. This session is more than just a training; it’s a motivational workshop that emphasizes personal and professional development. Our hotel wishes to assist you in your professional career. Be ready to learn more about the opportunities to grow within IHG. You’ll leave the session feeling empowered and eager to contribute to the hotel’s success. 

Check-in to Ensure Excellence

Throughout your onboarding journey, you’ll have several key check-ins, including meetings with our Quality Manager, Helma, and IT Manager Orestis. These interactions are crucial in providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the hotel’s commitment to quality and technological excellence. Also, those check-ins are your starts of “Dare to Connect”. 

One of the highlights of those check-ins will be a personal meeting with our General Manager, Sebastien Wilson. This meeting is an eye-opener, offering you a glimpse into the strategic vision and leadership that drive the hotel’s success. Ask any questions you might have, and Sebastien will be happy to answer them. You’ll appreciate the opportunity to discuss your role in the broader context of the hotel’s goals. 

Learning at Your Pace

One essential component within the onboarding process is to complete the e-learning. Those e-learning modules are specific to your role, providing the necessary knowledge for you to start, and offer valuable corporate insights in hospitality industry. Take the time you need to complete them. Although it might sound tedious, those e-learnings are actually delivered in an engaging and interactive way! 

At Crowne Plaza, learning never stops!
Say "Hi" to your Buddy!

Support Along The Way

Starting a new job in a new environment can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ensure a smooth transition, you’ll also be paired with a buddy, assigned by your manager. This peer support system provides you with a reliable source of guidance, making your integration into the team seamless and enjoyable. Your buddy will help you to construct a “Room to Start”, provide you all the essential support and answer your inquiries.  

Big Prize Awaits!

"Kijkje in eigen keuken"

Plan a meeting in our club lounge in Amsterdam

Maybe without even realizing it, you have already completed your onboarding journey! As you collected all the stamps, you’ll look forward to the ultimate reward: the ‘Kijkje in eigen keuken’ programme. This unique opportunity allows new employees to experience a one-night stay at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South with breakfast, a 2-person dinner at De Japanner Zuid, and exclusive Club Lounge Access – seeing the hotel through the eyes of a guest. This is our dedicated celebration for your transition from newcomer to valued team member. 

Join us at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South and embark on a journey where every step of your onboarding is a stride towards becoming a hospitality champion. Your adventure starts here, where you will find #RoomtoBelong. 

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