Roan's Reflection: Triumphs and Teamwork in the World of Hospitality.

Meet Roan

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, Roan, our shining star, embodies the essence of dedication and growth within our team. Starting from her humble beginnings as a receptionist, she has proudly achieved numerous milestones along the way. Most recently, Roan successfully completed her thesis and graduated, concluding a testament to her unwavering commitment to both personal and professional development. Her journey has never been one of easy success. Despite challenges, she embraced her new role as the Guest Relation & Duty manager with great enthusiasm. Let’s sit down with Roan, and listen to what Roan has to tell about her hospitality story. Prepare to be inspired by the passion and resilience that shaped her into this remarkable individual.

“People usually recognize her in the Front Office,” this was what we’re told by Roan’s colleague when we stepped into the hotel.

“Ah ha. In fact, guest relation and duty goes way beyong conventional front office stuff.” After we sat down, Roan smiled and explained. She told us her role extends far beyond the conventional Front Office tasks, encompassing a spectrum of duties crucial to ensuring the comfort and safety of both guests and employees. “Welcoming guests and ensuring their comfort are always the essential aspects,” Roan explained, “but beyond that, I oversee guest and employee safety, attend to minute details, and promptly address guest complaints.” She also told us the secret of maintaining the highest standards of service and safety within the hotel premises – Constant vigilance and proactive measures.

Yet, amidst the visible responsibilities lies a realm of hidden duties that demand Roan’s attention, particularly during weekends and evenings when other departments might not be available. “Managing urgent reservations, conducting technical checks, ensuring emergency protocols are in place,” she elaborateed. “Hospitality is truly unique; whenever I look back, I am always surprised to see how much I’ve learned across different departments.”

"Guest relation and duty goes way beyond conventional front office stuff."

"A mindset of teamwork and openness is absolutely crucial."

Roan’s insights paint a vivid picture of the multifaceted nature of her role, but what truly sets Roan apart is her unwavering commitment to teamwork and openness.

Hear what Roan shared when we asked about the most important quality of her role. “In my position as a Guest Relation & Duty Manager,” Roan reflected, “a mindset of teamwork and openness is absolutely crucial.” She emphasized the shared goal of ensuring an outstanding experience for guests, highlighted the collaborative approach that defines her team’s ethos. “Sometimes we go above, sometimes we go beyond,” hospitality industry is a place where you constantly navigate diverse challenges, but you still have to strive for deliveing exceptional service. “That is why we always keep an open mind-set and a collaborative approach,” Roan remarked.

“You caught me on this one… I can really share a lot!” When we asked whether Roan can share a bit of her memories, she laughed.

Roan delved into some of the most memorable moments experienced during her tenure. “The opportunity to organize staff parties of various sizes,” she reflected. “I found immense satisfaction in extending these memorable experiences to the entire team, fostering a sense of unity within our department.” In between of the interview, we took a glance of the Front Office, and we truly admired their energy and enthusiasm towards guests even after 7 hours of work. 

Roan further elaborated on the significance of these gatherings, emphasizing their role in strengthening bonds within the team. “Those small occasions provided us with a strong sense of connection,” she explained. “So if you ask me how is my workplace like, I can only say it has always been a passionate and enthusiastic one”

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"Our workplace? It has always been a passionate and enthusiastic one."

"Moment like this reaffirmed my passion for hospitality"

In addition to the camaraderie forged during staff events, Roan highlighted the meaningful interactions she had with guests. “During the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was one interaction that particularly touched me,” Roan shared. “I dedicated three hours assisting an elderly American couple who were struggling with technology, ensuring they were able to complete all necessary documents and appointments.”

Roan vividly recalled the gratitude expressed by the couple upon their departure. “Their heartfelt message, likening us to the granddaughter they never had, left a lasting impression,” they remarked. “It was moments like these that reaffirmed my passion for hospitality and the genuine connections it fosters.”

Transitioning to discuss the challenges faced in their role, Roan spoke candidly about the adversities encountered in the hospitality industry. “Unfortunately, disrespectful behavior happens, and sometimes they presented significant challenges,” Road admitted. “In one instance, the situation escalated to the point where we received threatening notes and personal harassment.”

However, amidst the distressing experiences, Roan emphasized the unwavering support she received from her colleagues. “The empathy and proactive assistance from Sebastien and Anais were invaluable during such trying times,” Roan acknowledged. “Their steadfast support not only reassured us but also reaffirmed the ‘Room to Belong’ within the Crowne Plaza team.”

Reflecting on both the highs and lows of their journey with Crowne Plaza, Roan expressed gratitude for the meaningful experiences and the resilient spirit of their team. “Challenges were there, undoubtedly, they served as opportunities for growth and solidarity,” Roan concluded. “But we did not give up, we strengthened our bonds, and emerged stronger than ever before.”

"We strengthened our bonds, and emerged stronger than ever before."

"Cross-training is trully a genius concept"

In hospitality industry, effective collaboration is always crucial. That’s why we asked Roan about her perspective on collaboration. “Collaboration is integral to our daily operations, and I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with various departments,” she remarked. “One particularly enlightening experience was my cross-training in the reservation department. Cross-training is trully a genius concept, allows us to gain insights into how other teams function, ultimately enhancing our ability to provide support and streamline processes.”

Roan expressed appreciation for the collaborative spirit fostered through cross-training, citing an example of how insights gained from Rob in the reservation team significantly improved collaboration effectiveness. “Understanding the logic and workflow of the reservation department has been invaluable in strengthening our collaboration,” she elaborated. “It’s a testament to the benefits of cross-departmental learning and cooperation.”

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Before we round it up, we were curious about how Roan maintained work-life balance, given the fact that she always appears supportive and energetic in front of her colleagues.

“Achieving a healthy work-life balance was a journey in itself,” she acknowledged. “With the demands of my thesis, academic commitments, and job responsibilities… it was just a lot.” Roan emphasized the role of physical activity in her routine. “Regular exercise became a cornerstone of my self-care routine,” she explained. “The availability of the hotel gym provided a convenient outlet for relieving stress and staying active amidst busy schedules.”

“I’m happy that Crowne Plaza adhered its commitment to employee well-being,” Roan appreciated the flexibility offered by Crowne Plaza, enabling her to balance work commitments with personal activities.”Being able to adjust my work schedule to accommodate personal plans, such as dinner engagements, has been invaluable in maintaining a sense of balance.”

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"The hotel adhered its commitment to employee well-being"

Discover Your Room to Belong

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, Roan discovered her “Room to Belong,” showcasing her innate caring nature. In an industry filled with stress, Roan’s dedication to supporting both guests and colleagues sets her apart. Joining the team means embracing a culture of support and growth, where everyone’s wellbeing matters. Connect with Roan and her team to experience firsthand the “Room to Belong,” “Room to Grow,” and the opportunity to make a difference at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South.

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