Kindness Day

On the 13th of November, the world celebrates world kindness day. 

At Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-south, we highly value our guest experience. The first interaction you will have with us, will usually be with our front office. So for the occasion our Front Office kindly shared their favourite interaction with one of you.


It was their first time in Amsterdam. A group of friends approached us asking for information and suggestions. I gave them a map of the city and I showed them the main attraction in the area . I also shared my secret and favourite spot but I’m not going to share that with you now hahaha . They were really grateful for it. Later, they came back saying they had a perfect day and I felt really appreciated.



They were from Australia, Unfortunately the weather is not the same here. So, I made them a personal list of things to do when it’s raining in Amsterdam. They enjoyed their day and got me a souvenir when they got back. It was really kind of them.  

Once, a guest told me I was a rockstar, it did make my day!”



” A few travellers walked by, and they looked a bit stress and lost. I asked them if I could help them in any way. They told me that they needed something printed as they had to catch a flight in a few hours. I of course did my best to ensure they had everything settled. The guest felt listened to and I was glad I could help make their trip worry free.”


Our staff will always be present to ensure you with a comfortable stay. Whether you need a restaurant recommendation, transport suggestion or just help with your luggage, they will be glad to do it. 

Book a room and maybe you will be lucky to meet Tim, Cindy, Abhishek and the rest of the team!